About “Kokoro” 

On the 11th (Japan Time), let us all pray together as one.

“Kokoro,” is the name of a project which originated in New York
right after the “Higashi Nippon Earthquake” (Eastern Japan Earthquake)
struck Japan on March 11th, 2011.
“Kokoro,” literally means heart in English,
but it contains shades of meanings such as spirit, mind or feeling. 

After the massive earthquake and tsunami hit Eastern Japan,
a special prayer was dedicated to the victims by the members of “Kokoro” ,
joined by people from all over the world on the next day at 1p.m., Japan time.
“Even though we are in different parts of the world,
we wanted to extend our hearts to Japan.”
This was the moment when everyone’s kokoro, came together as one.

For the media, the disaster will soon become a thing of the “past”.
For the stricken region, it will take years and years for that to happen.

To support the people affected by the earthquake in the long run,
“Kokoro” will be offering prayers on the 11th of each month (Japan time),
asking everyone to join us.
It may seem like a “small” deed, but if more people join in worldwide,
regardless of faith and nationality, it may have an impact.

We would also like the people in the afflicted areas to know about “Kokoro”.
If they feel down, we want them to know that there are people around the world
offering prayers and embracing them in their hearts.

The prayer will be held on the 11th of each month at noon, Japan time.
For those in New York, it will be the 10th of each month at 10 p.m.

Let us come together to support Japan.

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